Shooting a building is like giving it a soul. The one which comes from the architect’s imagination and from the many different worker’s sweat.

For the photographer, it is a question of shooting angle, architectural perspective and geometrical shapes. There has to be a result showing the reality, but playing with the lines, the shapes and the materials used brings a creative point of view. Even abstract sometimes. This may attract the attention of the public, making of great freedom of interpretation. And never to forget that the idea is also creates a specific atmosphere.

​Maximilien Photography offers tailor-made services.

Because every project is unique and small details make the difference, a personalized quote is established to meet your expectations.

All offers include:

-  A first appointment to define the frame work

-  Photo shooting on site

-  Retouching of a selection of photos

-  Delivery of JPEG files in HD and WEB format via a private and secured link

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